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Motivating Leadership Action With Male Stakeholders

Join us on Wednesday January 26th, 1:00-1:45PM BST

Diversity and inclusion is more than just a women's issue or minority's issue. As more leaders begin to recognise DEI for what it is—a business performance issue requiring the involvement of every employee—the opportunity is great for HR leaders looking to affect organisational change.

For us to build a more inclusive (and higher-performing) workforce, men who make up as much as 70 percent of the workforce in some sectors, must be expressly involved. It bears reminding that higher levels of diversity can lead to substantial improvements in leadership effectiveness, workforce innovation, financial performance, talent recruitment and employee retention.

In this roundtable, gain practical steps you can introduce within your organisation to:

  • Breaking down the barriers that keep people from taking up benefits
  • Motivating senior (often male) stakeholders and including everyone in women’s advancement
  • Embedding DEI into your company’s culture, and building allyship between groups


Dagmar Albers, D&I Lead of Pfizer UK

Simon Watson, Male Allies Chairman of NatWest Group

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